6356512This is my first ever blog post and I have decided to make it an honest blog of an ordinary mum of two children that has accidentally been catapulted into the business world without so much as a clue on anything business but am somehow muddling my way through.

Billy’s Beach Hut was founded in December 2014 when I was thinking of new ideas of things to make for my family and teachers for Christmas. I am one of eight brothers and sisters and whilst the rest of them are renowned for their brains, love of travel, singing. I was branded the ‘arty’ one hence every year I felt the need produce something even more creative than the next at Christmas time with my £5 budget.

This year was the year of the candle, little did I know that maybe at the grand age of 35 it was perhaps going to become my fortey in life! Here is a photo of my first ever candles I made. I named them White Christmas in a Jar and they were what you would know today as the Apple Strudel & Spice candle in my classic collection.

The response was the best yet for the candles, even the teacher stopping me at pick up to ask me if I had made them. As you can imagine my head was expanding by the minute and this spurred me on to want to make more in the other different fragrances. I had a little bit of money saved up in the drawer from buying and selling buggies (yes I know I am beginning to sound a little bit like the female version of Del Boy) but this enabled me to buy more fragrances, wax and some tins from Ebay. Oh and some wood wicks that I had come across whilst scaling Youtube candle making video’s. During all of this my husband wasn’t best pleased as not only had our kitchen side become a haven for molten wax but he was also wondering how many candles we could possibly light in one go?! I calmed him down by telling him all would be okay as I would just sell the candles on Facebook.

Having made fourteen sparking new candles in the tins with the wood wicks that you are familiar with today in my Classic Collection fragrances Sweet Orange & Chilli and English Pear & Vanilla. I reluctantly listed them on Facebook. Although most people might think that I’m an outgoing person, having been a stay at home full time mum for the last five and a half years it was a scary thought that somebody might buy something from me that I had made. What if they didn’t light when they took them home, what if they looked better in the photo’s and they were disappointed when they collected them?

I set up a Billy’s Beach Hut Facebook account and listed my sparkly new candles and took the dog for an hours walk. When I got home I checked my phone to find all 14 candles had sold in an hour with orders coming in for more and so Billy’s Beach Hut was born….

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